Welcome to the FoxyCart Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is geared towards two types of users: Affiliates, and Integration Developers. "Affiliates" are generally either web professionals or firms that use FoxyCart to serve their clients, or other people promoting FoxyCart to the world using their affiliate links. In both cases, the merchant pays FoxyCart, and we pay the affiliate through our affiliate program. "Integration Developers" are for full integrations that are released or distributed to the general public, such as Foxy-Shop.com (a FoxyCart + WordPress integration). The integration is given away for free (typically) and monetized using our affiliate program. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS if you would like to develop an integration like this. There exists a third type of integration partner that would like to bring FoxyCart directly into their own hosted system, and to manage billing of their users directly. Please contact us for advanced API integration and bulk discounts if you're interested in this approach.

What are the payouts? Who gets credit?

For any revenue we collect*, we reserve at least 15% for affiliate payouts. This portion is credited to affiliates and paid at the beginning of each month (though it is only paid if there is at least $50 to be paid). In situations where a store has an Affiliate ID _and_ is using a codebase (like FoxyShop) that is an Integration Developer, the affiliate commission will be split between the two affiliates. We feel that this is a fair way to encourage the Integration Developers to continue to release their work for free, benefitting all. Important to note is that it is the _admin user_ record that gets tagged with the referring affiliate's ID, and _all_ stores they create will in turn be tagged with that ID. So if you send a developer to us and they create 10 stores over 2 years, you'll get credit for all those stores :) * Because we don't actually have much of a margin on the SSL cert orders, those are exempted from affiliate payouts.

What do I need to do?

If you're an Affiliate, please email us at helpdesk@foxycart.com after creating both an admin account (at https://admin.foxycart.com/) and an affiliate account (here) so we can be sure the accounts are linked. If you're an Integration Developer, please email us at helpdesk@foxycart.com so we can say hello and give you some pointers for how to best develop your integration. If you're interested in bulk discounts and co-branded integrations, please email helpdesk@foxycart.com and we'd be happy to chat.

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Commission Type Details above. <!-- $3.00 USD -->
Payout Requirements $50.00 USD Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout Duration Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.